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Welcome to Bandar Abbas

Strategically located on Bandar Abbas

Bandar Abbas is currently a strategic and commercial center in the vicinity of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea and the location for the main base of the Iranian Navy. This port is connected to other parts of Iran and the world through air, land and marine routes. It is also on railway line.

Huge oil sources, fishing and pearl hunting, being a fulcrum point for the transport of goods and a capital in various forms are the great results in Hormozgan province so that they have turned Bandar Abbas into the special economic zone of mining, metals, shipbuilding, imports and exports of goods.


The Persian Gulf, whose bank provide excellent opportunities for recreation in the cool seasons, lie to the south of Hormozgan province. Average 26 – 29 November temperatures are a balmy 27 degrees centigrade.

Visa Process

Iran issues 30-day tourist visas on arrival (Airport Visa) to people from about 65 countries, including most European, ASEAN, Middle East and Asian countries, several South American countries, India, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. Notable absentees are Britain, Canada and the USA.

This is Bandar Abbas

Many tourists visit Bandar Abbas as well as the islands close to it especially Qeshm & Hormoz islands. Bandari women’s dress, fish market, Bazaar, Hindu Temple and Geno Mountains are the attractions of this old city. Bandar Abbas has a strong fishing industry, its fish market close to the seafront is one of the tourists would love to visit. It is specular for taking photos especially in the early morning when there is variety seafood. You can also enjoy the most colorful part of the city in Bazaar of Bandar Abbas where you can find lots of delicious local foods and many colorful colors.

Qeshm, the largest, dolphin-shaped Persian Gulf Island has a plethora of natural attractions, from pristine islands to forests, valleys to caves, and all the wildlife and cultural heritage in between. Qeshm Island is home to one of the largest mangrove forests in this part of the world, Hara forest. Star valley is a canyon of towering rock formations which makes for a mesmerizing walk. Chahkooh canyon and Namakdan salt cave are another wonderful Geosites in Qeshm.

Hormoz Island known as the Rainbow island of Iran, Hormuz is an incredible island in the Persian Gulf well known for its distinctive landscape and colorful soil.  Home to some very unique minerals mines, it’s not hard to find mountains colored in blue, white, purple and shades of red and orange.

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