A broad maritime vision

Opportunities abound in the fields of offshore oil and gas and sea shipping but are not limited to these segments as all maritime sectors will see a huge spike in investments. Over the coming years fleet renewal, management and repair are hot topics for every major maritime market.

The fishery sector is rapidly expanding and the Iran fisheries employ well over 82,000 people at the moment. Both farming as well as catching are a hot topic and the market is investing heavily in new techniques and export.

Dredging operations are seeing an increase in interest as port expansion and the development of Qeshm Island take center stage in a time where international business is a possibility again.

These developments will lead to a growing demand for work and patrol boats as tug boats, pilots, law enforcement and port authorities will be necessary to keep up with the expanding ports. Seeing how Iran is not able to supply the equipment in numbers and quality to match its demand there is a large need for international partnerships, technology and knowhow.

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